Local and honest. Design studio based in Guatemala.

Luz y Piedra is where we can create without limits.

We focus in the purity of materials, everything in our surroundings that can provide  knowledge. We are inspired by textures, colors, qualities, sensations...


We are designers that seek to discover the world, by understanding ancestral and contemporary materials, and fabrication techniques. We want to create new worlds and play with the possibilities of things, creation without scale. Our design manifesto is based on the idea that design should awake minds.


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Analuz Arévalo

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at Universidad Rafael Landívar, (Guatemala, 2016).

I am always curious for new materials, experiences and people that design can bring  to me. 

Design is about connecting people with the right habilities with the right necessites. Everyone can contribute to improve realities and worlds.



Pietro Estrada

Guatemalan architecture student and designer.

 I’m interested in natural development and parametric logics of biological processes.


I believe that to create good design you must begin at the origin of every object or built space, materiality. From this starting point the project itself will develop, no matter the scale, function or formal attributes. 


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José Borrayo

Guatemalan student of industrial design. I like to work different materials, to experiment, to risk myself. that's what design is about, to risk being different.

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 Guatemala City, Guatemala.


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